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WHAT PEOPLE Are Saying about WellSpring

You can be one of the thousands changed forever by the work we do here. Welcome to our family.

— Dr. Marchant

Gillespie Approach CFT can...

Mother Daughter Portrait
Gillespie Approach CFT Testimonials

"I can feel the tension releasing down my spine."- GR

"I didn't know what to expect but my body knew exactly what to do to release years of injury." -CM

"I am able to handle stressful situations better after only one session."-LT

"It's like we have an entirely different child."-TA

Other ASM Successes...

Developmental Breakthrough

This brave little one was 15 months old and was barely able to eat enough to stay alive. See how ASM helped his nervous system learn to thrive.

Complex Chronic Pain

This young man overcomes constant pain over most of his body with excruciating migraines, constant fatigue, trouble sleeping, problems reading and studying. 

Post-Surgical Chronic Back Pain

Hear how this determined woman overcame 25 years

of chronic back pain and made 

2 hour trips to do it!



10 year old girl overcomes a concussion that no one else could help. Now she can enjoy daily life and all things a little girl should enjoy!

Multiple Concussions

This tough woman presented to an ASM® office 2 years after suffering multiple concussions, one resulting in a perforated

ear drum.

Chronic Illness-

Cystic Fibrosis

There is no cure for cystic fibrosis and  life expectancy age for this patient was 40. She has been an ASM patient for over 10  years and is over 50 years old!!!


Panic Attacks, Visual Instability

MP is a vibrant young lady who was fighting her way thru school to be an expressive arts therapist. Everything changed for her after just 3 visits. 

Chronic Low

Back Pain

CF is a marine who has suffered with chronic low back pain for over 30 years. 1 adjustment is all he needed to change his back pain and his quality of life.

Hormonal Concerns


DP started care with ASM for chronic neck pain that was gone after 7 visits. She never anticipated we could also help her with hormonal issues. 

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Integrative Health Care

731 Spring Place Dr

White, GA 30184


At WellSpring, a conversation

is not a commitment.

We are dedicated to helping you find the

resources you need.




"Is it possible that after just one adjustment 

I could feel this much better?"


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