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It deserves intelligent  health care.

We offer a variety of treatments tailored to

your specific needs.

We are dedicated

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resources you need.

Together with our

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Integrative Health Care

Intelligent Health Care

Welcome to WellSpring: IHC. 
We arecommunity of  practitioners working together to propel you
toward optimal health and your highest self. 
At WellSpring: IHC, we offer a unique, integrative model of health care. Integrative health care treats the whole patient: body, mind, and spirit. It draws from a wide range of scientific disciplines and alternative treatments to find the root cause of your specific issues and help improve your energy and overall well-being. 

Dr Cassandra Marchant, DC

IHCCA owner , ASM Certified Trainer, 

Chiropractor,  wife of Joshua and mom to twins, I and Belle the Chug. 

"I'm on a mission to change the world one life,

one city at a time. "

Woodstock, GA


At WellSpring: IHC, we believe health care should be easy to access and offered as a multi-faceted approach, if needed. We will share with you our best resources and referrals located across the country to fill your needs. 

The practitioners in our community of healing are among the most experienced and effective in their fields. Each uses specialized techniques proven to strengthen the natural healing capacities of  the body and mind.


Together with our community of highly skilled independent practitioners, we will find a solution.

Your Experience

You are unique.

Whether you are male, female, young or old, you need an approach uniquely designed to address the root causes of your health challenges.


At WellSpring: IHC, we offer a series of innovative treatments tailored to your individual needs. Your care begins with your most basic form, your biomechanical system, your structure. STRUCTURE = FUNCTION

Dr. Cassandra Marchant is trained in the sophisticated chiropractic technique of Axial Stability Method®. ASM uses Informational Medicine and Applied Kinesiology, truly making it Intelligent Health Care.


Informational Medicine is the missing key in current health care and is used to make lasting change to the most foundational aspect of your structure, YOUR BRAIN.


Your solid foundation may be the missing key to solving your health challenges. Like any home, a solid foundation is crucial to a solid structure. 


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Integrative Health Care

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We are dedicated to helping you find the

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