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Your First Visit

We are beyond excited to work with you. We want to help you maximize your quality of life and to feel better in your body. We absolutely believe that having a well functioning mind, spirit and body will facilitate you in fulfilling your purpose in life. We are honored to serve you and your family.

Before scheduling your New Patient visit to WellSpring: Integrative Health Care, you will need to complete the New Patient forms and send them to us. Our Clinical Director will review your forms to be sure we will be of best service to you. Then, your new team of Intelligent Health Care providers will put together a plan for your review at your New Patient visit. You are the caretaker of your body and  are therefore in charge of the decision making as to the level of care you desire from your team.


We deliver incredible care and service but YOU do the healing. It is our commitment to only give your body what it needs. This is what makes our our health care, Intelligent Health Care. This commitment is the reason our patients experience high levels of success in their healing. 


Let's get started.

Welcome to the WellSpring:IHC family! 

Welcome to Intelligent Health Care.

1st New Patient visit:

1) Download New Patient Forms found below.

2) Fill out NP forms and send to us via secure email or hand delivery.

3) We will call you to schedule your first appointment within 24 hrs.

4) Allow 2 hours for your New Patient appointment.

5) We will have an opportunity to understand you and your desires more  thoroughly while reviewing your chief concerns and history.

6) We will complete a comprehensive neurological and structural exam.

7) You will experience your first ASM adjustment during this visit.

8) After your adjustment we will aim to schedule your next 10 visits.

2nd New Patient visit:

1) Arrive at your appointment time for a tour of our facility and to learn the ropes. 

2) We will get you acquainted with the rhythm of our office and set you up on the member portal.

3) Allow 45 minutes for this second appointment.

4) You will have an opportunity to ask any new questions you may have thought of or share new information.

5) You will experience your second adjustment of the series.

6) We will confirm the appointments set at your 1st New Patient visit.

3rd visit:

1) Arrive at your appointment time and complete the 3 C's. This process will be explained during your 2nd visit. 

2) We will be with you shortly thereafter for your 3rd adjustment.

New Patient Forms

*Keep a record of your Pt Registration #.

New Patient Forms


NP Forms

Child 7-14 yrs NP Forms

Child 3-6 yrs NP Forms

Infant 0-2 yrs NP Forms

Monday        AS
Tuesday       AS
Wednesday  AS
Thursday    10-4
Friday         AS 
Saturday     2nd of mon
Sunday       closed




Integrative Health Care

731 Spring Place Dr

White, GA 30184


At WellSpring, a conversation

is not a commitment.

We are dedicated to helping you find the

resources you need.




"Is it possible that after just one adjustment 

I could feel this much better?"


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